The retrospective history of the Czech Republic

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61 years of the Munich betrayal and capitulation!
By Vratislav Santroch, Dialog Otazky Odpovedi (Dialogue Questions and Answers), reprinted in Northstar Compass, January 2000. The Munich betrayal which took place in September of 1938 takes on a very special significance today when the present day reactionaries with open government support from the ruling Social Democrats, is again betraying the national interests of this country.
Communist Rally Remembers 1948
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 12 March 1998. Members of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (SCK) and other working-class groups rallied on Feb. 25 in Prague to commemorate the 1948 general strike that brought the Communists to power. The active role of the Czechoslovak working class and the constant danger Czechoslovakia faced of being absorbed by the Western imperialist powers.
Prague Spring
By Domenico Rosa, January 1988. On the evening of August 20, 1968, over 500,000 Soviet and other Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia, a treacherous and brutal act that shattered the reform movement which had generated worldwide interest.
Prague 1958, 1968, 1998... Back to the Future
By Peter Waterman, 12 May 1998. From the overthrow of Communism I have learned the possibility of soft revolutions, of the power of the powerless, of the necessity of living in truth, of the possibility of it winning space even in this life. Looking at Old Prague I understand, more than I ever did, history as future, the future as history.