The working-class history of the Czech Republic

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Czech unions look West
By Bart VanHercke, ICFTU ONLINE..., 11 May 1998. Most Czech trade unions are in favour of their country joining the European Union, but have a lot of questions to ask about its socio-economic impact.
CT Staff to Strike Until All Hodac's People Quit
Czech News Agency, 14 January 2001. The strike committee of the public Czech Television (CT) union today decided to continue the strike until all people brought to CT by general director Jiri Hodac resign.
Czech journalists end three-month strike
BBC News Online, Saturday 10 February 2001. BBC News Online, Saturday 10 February 2001. A three month strike by journalists at Czech state television over allegations of political bias is due to end in the next few hours.
Unions speak loudly but carry a small stick, the case for grounding flyboy Tvrdik
By Jan Machacek, Prague Business Journal, 1 September 2003. Trade unions are threatening the government of Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla with a general strike of the magnitude of that which occurred in November 1989. The unions don't like the planned public finance reforms.