The contemporary political history of the Slovak Republic

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Kosovo Crisis Divides Slovakia on Eve of Presidential Elections
STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update, 23 April 1999. The Slovak government's cooperation with NATO during its campaign against Yugoslavia is polarizing the Slovak population in advance of the country's May 15 presidential elections. Should former Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar—a populist and nationalist—be elected Slovak President, it could seriously threaten Slovakia's relationship with NATO and therefore limit NATO's current and future strategic viability.
Country profile: Slovakia
BBC News Online, Wednesday, 11 July 2001. A listing of some basic facts concerning the Slovak Republicas of 2001.
Un appel urgent de Slovaquie
Le Parti Communiste de Slovaquie, 5 Août 2002. Le parlement de Slovaquie a voté pour rendre criminel le fait de “ propager le communisme en public “. Ceux qui en seraient accusés feraient face à des peines de six mois à trois ans de prison.
Unions protest labour code revision
The Slovak Spectator, 20–26 January 2003. About 150 union demonstrators occupied the labour ministry to protest a proposed revision of the labour code that would increase maximum overtime hours, permit part-time contracts, and make it easier for employers to hire and fire workers (brief).