The working-class history of the Slovak Republic

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Metalworkers' union to block Slovak borders
IMF News, 1 March 2001. The Metalworkers' Federation of the Slovak Republic, KOVO, is setting up a protest blockade of some of the country's border crossings in an attempt to force the government and employers to increase wages.
Thousands of Unionists Protest Against Present Conditions
By Oleg Koshevoy, Northstar Compass, February 2003. About 25,000 protestors marched in Bratislava, and not since the November putsch of 1989 was there such number of people. A protest against the Czech counter-revolutionary Vaclav Havel's administration that dismembered Czechoslovakia.
A shot in the arm or the foot?
Editorial, The Slovak Spectator, 12 February 2003. In the 10 years since independence, Slovakia has had its first taste of massive labour unrest: a three-day rail strike that paralysed the country's passenger and freight transport infrastructure. It tested the mettle of organised labour and strengthened the resolve of state authorities to push ahead with austerity measures.
Unions to start a petition for early elections
The Slovak Spectator, Vol. 9 Nu. 38, October 6–12 2003. The Confederation of Trade Unions (KOZ) plans to petition for early elections next July. The ruling coalition objects on the ground that the unions are trying to substitute themselves for the political parties.