The contemporary political history of the Republic of Lithuania

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Political crisis deepens in Lithuania
BBC News Online, Tuesday 19 June 2001. Reports from Lithuania say the government has narrowly defeated an opposition motion criticising its economic policies. The centre-left New Union pulled out on Monday in a dispute over privatisation plans, and tax and pension reforms.
Lithuanian parliament debates leftist PM candidate
BBC News Online, Tuesday 3 July 2001. Parliament in Lithuania is to vote on the candidacy of the leftist party leader and ex-Communist, Algirdas Brazauskas, for prime minister. Mr Brazauskas, the last president of communist Lithuania, has the backing of two of the largest parties in parliament, his own Social Democrats and the centre-left New Union.
Brazauskas returns as Lithuanian PM
BBC News Online, Tuesday 3 July 2001. Lithuania's parliament has approved veteran Communist-era leader Algirdas Brazauskas as the country's new prime minister in an attempt to resolve a two-week-old government crisis.