Introduction to
Images from World history

Images from World History is a collection of digitalized photographs that supports the teaching of history at the upper secondary school and university levels.

Most of the images are copyrighted, and I rely on “fair use doctrine” to display them on line to serve no-profit educational objectives. While you are free to use anything from this site for a similar purpose, please understand that I have no authority to release copyright nor am I able to report who is the present copyright holder. Unfortunately, because of the modest orginal purpose of this site, I do not have more information about the images than I have included with them.

The core of this collection was a set of projector slides created over a decade ago to illustrate the changing aesthetic during the transition from the Late Roman Empire to Early Medieval Europe. Later on I scanned images to broaden the scope of the collection to make it less Eurocentric and better suited to pre-modern world history courses. Given my limited time, I do not expect to give the site any greater depth or balance than what it has now, but I do hope that what is here will be of some use.

I employ a rather novel chronological structure, the defense of which would be tedious to discuss or defend here. I assume you nevertheless get the general idea.

Your criticisms, corrections and suggestions would be much appreciated, and so please e-mail them to me. Unfortunately I was unable to incorporate many past suggestions that people kindly sent because I have had no access to the site for a decade. However, I do intend to benefit from them now as the site is reconstructed.

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