Caguana Ceremonial Center

Caguanas center with Chief Guanikeyu This is a picture of Chief Guanikeyu. He is the great grandson of Chief Orocobix of the district of Jatibonico, today known as the three cities of Orocovis, Barranquitas and Aibonito of Boriken. His image is here associated with the Caguanas Ceremonial Center because he is compelled to speak the truth.

Many know that Guanikeyu is an apprentice bohiti (shaman), who makes his annual pilgrimages to the Sacred Batey-our Taino Mecca he calls it, at Barrio Caguanas, Utuado, Puerto Rico. He is the only known Taino Elder in modern times to stand up to the white world without any shame for his indigenous traditions.

When he graduated in 1977 from Livingston College at Rutgers University, New Jersey, he wore a Taino Chief's headdress and modern regalia, and he exchanged a prayer feather of hope for world peace in return for his diploma. He began his struggle for the Taino cause 35 years ago when the concept of a Taino nation was but an idle dream in the minds of a people still held thrall to the tyranny of European colonization.

The last wish of Chief Guanikeyu:

One day, when I finally ride the wonderful canoe through the turey (sky) to far away Coabey and I am dead, hang my bones high in a scared calabash like that of Yayael and spread my ashes in the Sacred Circle of truth at Caguanas. Always know that I will dwell in this sacred place with my great grandfather, Orocobix, to counsel you. In times of sorrow and despair, call to my Toa-Toa. I will surely hear you in Coabey.
Cacique Guanikeyu
November, 1995.

[Caguanas] Photos of the Taino Ceremonial Center in Barrio Caguana, Utuado, Puerto Rico. For historical information, see the vision of the warrior ghost who guards the sacred Taino grounds.


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