A gallery of Taino images

These images were contributed by members of the Taino Inter-Tribal and others who have granted permission for their display here. We hope the images support the Taino people's struggle for national identity. Your contributions would be most welcome. The images are protected by copyright law and should not be used without permission from the Taino Inter-tribal Council. Just click the thumbnails to see a full-sized image.

The Caguana Ceremonial Center, Utuado, Puerto Rico, in historical perspective.
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  Spiritual images of the Caguana Ceremonial Center.
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Taino cosmological calendar.
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  Opiel Guabiron, keeper of the door to the underworld.
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The Colibri, symbol of the rebirth of the Taino people.
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  The cinturon belt used in the batey ceremony.
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The dujo - the ceremonial chair of a chieftain.
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  Don Carmello Matas, a Taino Elder from Boriken.
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Daniel Silva, a Taino Indian artist from Vieques Island.
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  Photo of Jatibonuco
Taino Tribal Dance Group.
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A Taino woman in Boriken pursuing a traditional Taino art.
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  Alice Cheverez, Doña Varin Cheverez-Cheverez's daugther.
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