Taino cinturon ceremonial belt

[Taino The yuke, or ceremonial belts, are used in the Taino Batey Ceremonial ball game as follows. The players in this contest are not allowed to use their hands, only their other body parts. The yuke is worn around the waist and used to reflect or hit the ball off of it when in play. The ceremonial belts are made of stone or wood with many sacred symbols or writings on them. The belts are in the shape of the woman's uterus or of the Guacara (cave) - the Caguana birth place or the opening to the Coabey (meaning the underworld realm) of ancestors. This sacred pre-Columbian Taino Batey ceremonial contest was revived in the early 1970's and is still being played today by modern day Native Americans of the Caribbean Islands and Florida as part of their Taino indigenous religion.

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