The limits and divisions of world history

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Civilization and the Stone Age
By Steve Muhlberger, 6 July 1995. A brief comment on why the palæolithic should be included in World History courses.
The end of the end of history?
By Alan Freeman <>, 17 September 1998. The world economy is upside-down. No trace is left of Creative Chaos: Asian misery, Russian disaster, and Latin American malaise have wrought a global crisis. It is up to the USA and Europe to confront the danger, but where has crisis-management fled? Who, really, concerns themselves with ordering the world anew?
Middle Eastern identity—false objective
Opinion by Fahed Fanek, Jordan Times, Monday 21 July 2003. A Middle Eastern identity or nationality is beyond reason. The project labelled “New Middle East” is not on the table, nor is it being promoted by any party. Arab press commentators should not waste their time in attacking the fictitious project.
The abduction of modernity
By Henry C K Liu, Asia Times, 9 July 2003 to 12 August 2003. The first five parts of a longer essay. Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington erroneously assume that modernity is an exclusive characeristic of the West. But the West takes advantage of the overwhelming power it has derived from its barbaric values to set itself up as a superior civilization, as modern.
Alphabet of global downturn—pessimism about financial future
By Jim Mellon, The Observer (London), Sunday 25 September 2005. No country is ever that many steps away from anarchy and chaos. The same is true of financial markets. In a few years at most the rich West and Japan will have a terrible shock. Living standards will fall precipitously, companies will fail en masse and established institutions will find themselves in financial peril.
The beginning of history—again
Editorial, Workers World, 10 November 2005. 15 years after the supposed end of history capitalism is not a pretty word at all. For a lot of people, history seemed over for a while there. It was a pretty awful period but history is back, and with it the hope of all humanity for change.
First, Second and Third World
One World - Nations Online, n.d. A definition of the concepts First, Second, Third and Fourth Worlds, with map of Third World.