Debate over US National Standards for World History

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National Standards for World History: Exploring paths to the present
Preface, [1994]. The Preface to the National Standards for World History.
Press reports on world history standards
Reactions of the Press, from 11 November 1994 on.
Resources for debate on world history standards
From a dialog on World-L, November 1994.
Attack on National World History Standards
By Ross Dunn, 15 November 1994.
The value implications of the world history standards debate
Views from 19 November 1994.
Debate over a conservative view of the world history standards
A dialog occuring on H-World, from 30 November 1994 on.
History Standards: A response to Chris Garton-Zavesky
By Mel Page, 18 November 1994.
Debate over the sociology of world history standards
Discussion on World-L forum, from 24 November 1994, on.
The World History Standards: A non-US perspective
By Leslie Witz, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, 15 November 1994.
History Standards
By Dan Segal, 12 January 1995. It is both understandable and unfortunate that the H-WORLD discussion primarily focussed on the radical conservative attack on the Standards by Lynne Cheney and others. I am struck by how cautious the report is in moving toward a robustly global and cross-cultural view of history.
World History Standards
By Pier M. Larson, Penn State University, 26 January 1995. The standards appear not to problematize that central concept of “civilization” which the history profession in this country holds so dear. The Standards appear to me as another expression of the historical identity which the Western academic profession has fashioned over the last century and a half.
John Leo article
By Ross Dunn, 3 February 1995. Some of you will have seen John Leo's new attack on the National History Standards in the Feb. 6 issue of US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. The article is rife with inaccuracies and misrepresentations. Here only on the paragraph on slavery. Another example of Sen. Joe Lieberman's opportunism.
National [U.S.] Standards for World History
By Daniel Segal, Pitzer College, 16 February 1995. We should we not allow extremist attacks from the right to define the debate about the proposed “National Standards” for world history. The Standards depart little from a number of problematic conventions of our discipline.
Practitioner's Guide for World History
By Ross Dunn, San Diego State University, 5 May 1996. The National Center for History in the Schools is in the process of developing a “Practitioner's Guide for Teaching World History.” The National Standards for History excluded the teaching examples that were part of the first edition.