The social value of historiography

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History and identity
A dialog from the PhilOfHi list, January 2000. Is the central role of historiography to formulate hypothesis, test them, and ultimately establish laws? An alternative to this might be that history has a role in self-identification. But if so, how?
Why study ancient history?
By Haines Brown, 14 September 2000. A response to a student query concerning the value of studying Ancient history. What can we learn from the study of history? The issue of identity. History as an evolutionary science.
Historians as allies of the labor movement
By James Green, 4 December 2000. Public intellectuals and bridging the gap between academe and the public. The failure of labor historians to reach the working class. Activism as creating opportunities.
What makes a statement historical?
By Haines Brown, 4 September 2003. Replies to a message on the soc.culture.african news group in which the issue came up of just what makes an historical statement historical? In lieu of presenting any consensus on this question, the author briefly presents his own view.