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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 00:59:08 GMT
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Subject: UNU Symposium On Importance Of Preserving Arctic
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Subject: UNU Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary
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Message from the Arctic for the 21st Century

19 October 1995

A UNU Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations and the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations University Tuesday, 24 October 1995

The United Nations University (UNU) will hold a special symposium in commemoration of the UN's 50th anniversary and in recognition of the University's own 20th anniversary. The symposium entitled: "A Message from the Arctic for the 21st Century" will be held beginning at 16.00 hours on Tuesday, 24 October 1995 at the UNU headquarters in Tokyo.

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the importance of preserving the Arctic region. The Arctic is a mirror which provides immediate and collective reflection of what is happening to the global environment. Analysis of water toxicity and airborne pollution there indicate the volume and sources of chemical and radioactive dumping taking place elsewhere in the world. The symposium will highlight lessons drawn from the Inuit people who have, through out their 30,000 years' history, been successful in preserving the environment of the Arctic which provides 25 per cent of the world's renewable resources, i.e., wood, fresh water, animal, plants and sea life. The symposium will seek to bring attention to the possible solution of global environmental problems based on the wisdom and ways of living of the Inuit people.

Speakers at the symposium will include Dr. Christopher Stephens, Chair, a United Nations Partnership Programme, Indigenous Development International; HE Mr. F. Hedegaard, Ambassador of Denmark to Japan; Mr. Kazuo Aichi, Member of the House of Representatives; Ms. Wakako Hironaka, Member of the House of Councillors; Dr. Noel Brown, former Director, UNEP Regional Office for North America; and Mrs. C. Campbell, Wife of Ambassador of Canada to Japan, who will serve as moderator for the panel discussion taking place during the symposium.

The symposium is being supported by the Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs; Education, Science and Culture and the Environment Agency; the Japan Association for UNEP; the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan and NHK.

Members of the news media are cordially invited to attend the symposium.

For further information, please contact:
UNU Public Affairs Section
Tel.: (03) 5467-1243 or -1246
Fax: (03) 3406-7346

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