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History of the Polar Regions

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The Arctic

UNU Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary: On Importance Of Preserving Arctic.
A UNU Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations and the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations University Tuesday, 24 October 1995.
Interior denies bid to block Arctic oil drilling
By Vicki Allen, Reuter, 3 November 1997. U.S. Interior Department rejects petition from environmental groups to halt oil and natural gas drilling in the Beaufort Sea off the coast of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Atlantic Richfield Co.
Arctic Climate Changing Rapidly
From Environment News Service (ENS), 14 November 1997.

The Antarctic

U.S. Ratifies Historic Antarctic Protection Agreement
Press release by Antarctica Project and Greenpeace. 18 April, 1997.
Fish piracy threat to marine treaty
From delegates to the 21st Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Christchurch (NZ). 20 May, 1997.
Sick fish are sign of severe Antarctic pollution, scientist says
Agence France-Presse. 8 July, 1997.
Historic Antarctic Protection Agreement Becomes Law
From Greenbase, 16 December 1997. Environmental Protection Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty bans mining in Antarctica for a minimum of 50 years and designates the whole continent and its dependent marine ecosystems a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.

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