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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 20:32:09 -0500
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Subject: Solomon Islands government clamps d
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Solomon Islands government clamps down

From dse@pactok.peg.apc.org
18 June 1995

The Prime Minister, Solomon Mamaloni has warned NGOs operating in Solomon Islands that they will not expect the same leniency from the government.

Mr Mamaloni said that so far the government has been very lenient on the NGOs operating in the country.

But he warned on this score the government will from now on be closely monitoring the activities of the NGOs especially foreigners attached to them.

Prime Minister Mamaloni said his cabinet has been informed about a number of NGOs which have helped to stir up the Pavuvu development project into political issue.

And he added that a number of foreigners associated with them, including expatriates who have been naturalised citizens are deeply involved in the Pavuvu issue.

He said the foreigners and naturalised citizens have been identified and are being advised not to interfere in the internal government development matters of Solomon Islands, adding these people must be refrain from feeding the media with false information.

Mr Mamaloni said he and police and national security minister are appealing to indigenous Solomon Islanders to be more careful and not to submit themselves to unfounded propaganda by NGOs.

He said the same NGOs personnel have helped to distablise Papua New Guinea during the past ten years and have come to Solomon Islands to do likewise.

The NGOs are now preparing a reply to this worrying statement.

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