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   History of Oceania in general
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Political and general history

Bougainville: the Chomsky strategy
By Jim Bateson. Solomon Islands. 3 April, 1995.
Solomon Islands government clamps down
From, 18 June 1995. Solomon NGOs warned about politicizing the Pavuvu issue.
Greenpeace Calls on the Solomon Island Government to Withdraw Army from Russell Islands
18 June, 1995. Solomon Island government should heed landowners and halt planned logging of the Pavuvu Island by Malaysian company.

Economic history

Fiji Export Policy Driven By Labor Rights Abuses
By International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), LaborNews. 24 April, 1997.

Environmental history

Solomon Islands Logging
News from Solomon Star. 17 February, 1995.
Pavuvu logging starts despite wide opposition
From the Solomon Star, 10 May 1995. Russell Islands and political and environment groups unable to prevent logging.
Logging a real pain to East Fataleka people
From, 18 June 1995. Rape of the environment by logging companies.
Solomon Islands--Forest Crisis Documented by Australian Radio
From Worldwide Forest/Biodiversity Campaign News. 27 January, 1996. Example of environmental racism.
Sea Level Rise A Big Problem For Tuvalu, Prime Minister Says
From Greenpeace Pacific. 22 July, 1997. Importance of global warming for low-lying islands. Tuvalu formerly known as Ellice Islands.

Telecommunications and media

Pirate Radio Struggles during Bougainville War
International Freedom of Expression eXchange Clearing House. IFEX Communique #4 - 20 (15 May, 1995)

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