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Bougainville independence

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  History of Melanesia
Bougainville leaders meet
From the Guardian (Australia), 20 September 1995. Bougainville Transitional Government, Bougainville Interim Government (BIG), and Bougainvillean Members of PNG's Parliament conclude meeting hosted by the Australian Government re six-year old war with PNG.
Bougainville fights for freedom
By the Bougainville Freedom Movement, 16 May 1996. Overview of Bougainville's subjection to Papua New Guinea and Australian involvement because of valuable copper resources.
Bougainville Premier Killed As Independence Fight Heats Up
By Bob Aiken, in the Militant, 18 November 1996.
Secessionists in Papua New Guinea say British, South African Mercenaries in action
From Agence France-Press, 3 March 1997.
Unarmed Pacific peace force due in Bougainville
Agence France-Press, in Singapore Straits Times, 18 November 1997. October 10 cease fire backed by Tongans, Fijians, ni-Vanuatu, and Australian forces, led by New Zealand soldiers. Re environmental impact of Panguna copper mine.
Troops in PNG "could be shot"
By Greg Roberts, in Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November 1997. General Kauona of the BRA warns PNG that the rebel leader Francis Ona would not cooperate unless the independence referendum be held.
PNG rejects independent Bougainville poll
By Greg Roberts, in Sydney Morning Herald, 24 November 1997. PNG rules out a referendum on Bougainville independence, despite warnings by the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) that without it the October truce could be shattered.
Peace pact signed
By Agence France-Presse, in the Hong Kong Standard, 23 January 1998. Nine years of guerilla war ends on 23 January with a Lincoln Agreement on Peace, Security and Development on Bougainville that entails a withdrawal of PNG troops, the election of a government this year.
The Lincoln Agreement on peace, security and development on Bougainville
By Michael J Field, Agence France-Presse. The articles of the peace accord reached in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 19-23 January 1998.
Max Watts, Chronology of Bougainville Civil War
An annotated chronology.
Terms of the Bougainville Civil War
A brief article on the peace accord signed on 30 April and a summary of its terms.
Bougainville - Media Conference & Media Statement
Statement by the Bougainville Interim Government/BRA, conveyed by Mr. Martin Miriori, Secretary, and Mr. Moses Havini, International Political Representative, Bougainville Interim Government (BIG), 13 May, 1998, Sydney Australia.
McKinnon Welcomes Withdrawal of PNGDF Troops
By Rt. Hon. Don McKinnon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 3 June 1998.
Bougainville Independence Day
From The Guardian, (Australia), 9 September 1998. On September 1, 1975, the people of Bougainville declared their independence as the Republic of the North Solomons. Papua New Guinea with Australia's backing refused to acknowledge its independence.
Buin Declaration of the Pan Bougainville Leaders Congress
20-22 August 1998 meeting in Buin, South Bougainville. Seeks to facilitate the peace process.

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