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History of Papua New Guinea

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  History of Oceania
  Bougainville (Melanesia) independence struggle

Political and general history

Unions reject Papua New Guinea's decision to recruit mercenaries to end Bougainville separatist war
From International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, ICFTU OnLine...,. 7 March 1997. Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress (PNGTUC) rejects use of British mercenaries to end eight-year war. Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) since April represents landowners uncompensated by Australian copper mining company on Bougainville Island.
Thousands Rally As Prime Minister "Steps Aside" In Papua New Guinea
By Bob Aiken and Doug Cooper, in the Militant, 21 April 1997. Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan steps down in face of protests over Sandline International mercenaries in Bougainville.
A new left emergest in PNG; Bougainville enters a new - perhaps "post-war" - phase
By Max Watts, in Cockroach!, 30 June 1997 and updated 1 July 1997.
New Gov't Does Not Quell Unrest In PNG
By Doug Cooper, in the Militant, 15 September 1997. Re the revolt of March 1997, and the results of the parliamentary election held in June.
Aigilo leads police officers on a mission to Indonesia
From Journalism Studies, University of Papua New Guinea, Post-Courier, 10 February 1998. Militarization of PNG police force, purportedly to catch "criminals."

Occupied West Papua

   Documents for the History of Indonesia
West Papua: The Case for Re-examination
A paper by Mark Doris, 16 April 1997, re. the poor performance to date of world bodies to resolve the problem of West Papua New Guinea's occupation by Indonesia.
Statement for the representatives of Melanesians of West Papua, Madang, Papua New Guinea
By Mr. Moses Werror, Chairman Bougainville Interim Government, 1 June 1998. Statement of solidarity with the independence struggle of West Papua.

Economic History

International Monetary Fund Pressurises Papua New Guinea
20 January, 1995.
BHP's kiss of death
By Tom Pearson, in the Guardian (Sydney), 30 August 1995. PNG government in bed with Broken Hill Proprietory (BHP), Australian TNC.
IMF plan rejected by PNG people
By Kalinga Seneviratne, for Third World Network Features, 6 September 1995. Prime Minister Julius Chan's effort to push through IMF structural adjustment at expense of customary land tenure system is met with civil unrest.
Please Support PNG Group's Challenging the World Bank's Structural Adjustment Programme
From the Ecologist, 27 October, 1995. Re. the Papua New Guinean National Coalition for Socio-Economic Justice.

Social History

25% of population face starvation in drought
From Agence France-Presse, in the South China Morning Post, 7 January 1998.

Scholarly Resources

E.W.P. Chinnery (1887-1972) Papers
National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia, 19 February 1998.

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