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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 19:18:05 +1000
From: David Robie <robied@upng.ac.pg>
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To: Nius <nius@pactok.net.au> Subject: 1179 SECURITY: Police on arms mission to Indonesia
Date -- 10 February 1998
Byline -- Brian Tobia
Origin -- Niuswire Source -- Post-Courier (PNG), 10/2/98 Copyright -- Post-Courier

Aigilo leads police officers on a mission to Indonesia

From Journalism Studies, University of Papua New Guinea, Post-Courier
10 February 1998

PORT MORESBY: A group of senior Papua New Guinea police officers led by Commissioner Peter Aigilo are in Indonesia to look at the possibility of buying a helicopter and firearms and other equipment, the Post-Courier reported today.

Mr Aigilo, NCD/Central police chief Geoffery Vaki and two other senior officers departed on Saturday for Jakarta where they would visit Indonesian police academies, arms and aircraft manufacturing plants and a uniform factory.

The commissioner's executive officer Superintendent Andrew Sterns told the Post-Courier that the visit resulted from an invitation by Indonesian national police chief General Widoda during a visit here in January.

Mr Sterns said the Police Commissioner and his party would visit a police helicopter squadron in Jakarta and then travel to Bandung where they would visit a mobile training depot and a command post.

They would then visit a police academy, firearms factory and aircraft (helicopter and fixed-wing) factories in Semarang and then a uniform factory in Solo before returning on February 16.

Mr Sterns said the aim of the visit was to look at the possibility of discussing the purchase of stronger firearms direct from Indonesia buying from the neighboring country which is closer would be cheaper than buying from faraway places like Singapore or Australia (which is currently a practice).

High powered guns sought (or needed) by police are being made in Indonesia . . . in this way the police department hopes to cut down on costs," he said.

Mr Sterns said "Indonesian police and armed forces are renowned for their smart uniforms" and Mr Aigilo wants to look at the possibility of having the PNG police uniforms made over there.

Mr Aigilo and his delegation would also collect information for the possibility of buying a helicopter.

The intention of buying a high-tech helicopter fitted with night vision equipment was announced last year by Mr Aigilo.

He had said then that it would be the first time police would have "unmatched technological edge over criminals" and it would have thermal imaging capability that find persons from body heat in total darkness.

According to Mr Sterns, many offers (for supply of a helicopter) were received from local companies and "we will just have to collect more quotations" to try to get the best offer.

The police officers' trip is being facilitated by General Widoda through the government of Indonesia.

The Post-Courier understands that the Indonesian government had also invited the top brass of the PNG Defence Force to visit its military establishments and a delegation would depart PNG this Saturday.


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