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Australian Racial Hatred - increases

Letter to Director of Public Prosecutions
of the State Government of Western Australia
From The Nyungah Circle of Elders, 23 March 1997

We write to you and your Department asking that immediate action be taken on this complaint that we are making concerning the build-up of racism (and violence/intolerance) and inciting racial hatred by Pauline Hanson and her One Australia Party, accusing us the Aboriginal Nation as cannibals, and that we ate our newly-born and other members of our people. Pauline Hanson's book also says we even ate Chinamens. It was said on Channel 9 News on 22.4.97 at 6pm, read by Tina Altieri.

The enticement of racist incidents and violence against us has grown since Pauline Hanson started, and we have experienced an increase of racist incidents. Our children and young people are frightened to travel on public transport. Aboriginal people have made complaints to us they have been chased down the street. There have been racist incidents in doctors' surgeries and hospitals since she started.

The Aboriginal people as a whole in WA if not Australia is feeling the full brunt of this racism by this woman and by the help she is getting in, such as from pastoral lease holders. What is worrying us is the full force of this onslaught by this woman and her followings will be the total destruction of us the Aboriginal People as a Nation trying to live in harmony with the Land and the People that's governing it.

We are not a Nation of People who stopped standing with one another, who stopped loving one another, who stopped sharing with one another.

We ask for immediate action to be taken to charge Pauline Hanson for inciting and building up and inflicting racial hatred in WA and Australia- wide.

We do not want any more re-enactment over of the callous killing and massacres of our people. There have been killings in the past of our people, and this attitude and actions of Pauline Hanson and her followers are stirring up this anger and hatred again in a modern way so that there would be killing of our people through this racial hatred, a big wave of destruction that will be falling over us the Aboriginal people if we don't stamp it out now.

This racial hatred stirred up by Pauline Hanson is like she is trying to hand out a rifle or revolver to every white person's hand to start massacring Aboriginal people again and inflicting violence on us. We won't want this to be rewoken up the track by her or the pastoral lease holders.

Nyungah Elders have asked the media many times for a right of reply to counteract the damage of Pauline Hanson and the right of reply to protect of our young people and all our people but it has not been given to us, We are not and were not cannibals who eat our people.

What happened to the fair go Pauline Hanson talked about? lt does not apply to Aboriginal people now and it did not in the past. There was genocide, massacres, raping, kicking our childrens heads off, killing our children by swinging their heads against trees. lt is in the history books and white people close their minds to that.

One only has to look at Fowlers Bay where Aboriginal people were forced over the cliffs to their deaths, or the Great Massacre at Pinjarra, or the Mistake Creek Massacre near Turkey Creek, or the Busselton to Margaret River and Wonnerup Massacres where killing expeditions by the Layman Brothers took place every 3 months, or Boronia Gully at Collie, or Nightwell Massacre past Borden in WA. All this has to be left alone and not rewoken.

We are also calling on John Howard and his Government to stop sitting back and to stop this racism immediately and we are also calling on the Media and other people to stop transporting this woman across this land not at her expense, spreading this sickness against us. If this woman is allowed to go through to Parliament House Canberra, whoever accepts her in there is the same as her. We say of Pauline Hanson. You are a dictator and a re-enacter-over the same as Hitler was.

We are also calling on the Human Rights Commission in Sydney to take action against this racial hatred.

We are writing to the the Government of China concerning the human rights of the Aboriginal people, the Indigenous People of Australia, which China and our Prime Minister John Howard avoided discussing on his visit to China. The reason for asking China was that it was said by Pauline Hanson's book that we ate Chinese which we did not use cannibalism against Chinese people or any people. We are calling on the Government of China to take action about the people of Australia allowing this to go on.

signed by

Robert Bropho
Mini Van Leewen
Carrie Harris

for Nyungah Circle of Elders