The contemporary political history
of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia

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Co-Existent Sovereignty
By Bruce Rayburn, 26 May 1995. Re. imperial anthropology.
Campaign for justice for indigenous Australians
By Nigel D'Souza, in Green Left Weekly, 29 May 1996. The new John Howard government starts by attacking indigenous rights.
Australian Racial Hatred - increases
Letter to Director of Public Prosecutions of the State Government of Western Australia, from The Nyungah Circle of Elders, 23 March 1997. Complaint concerning the build-up of racism (and violence/intolerance) and inciting racial hatred by Pauline Hanson and her One Australia Party.
Police Use Excessive Force Against Aborigines Not Isolated Incident
Amnesty International Index: ASA 12/05/97, 22 April 1997.
Aborigine Families Recount Seizures
By Alan Thornhill, in the Philadelphia Daily News, 28 April 1997. Revellation of Australia's past genocidal policies.
Australian government tries to turn back the clock to the days of dispossession
Urgent Action Bulletin of the National Indigenous Working Group, October 1997. Farming and mining industries seek to revise Native Title Act (Mabo decision of 1992 and Wik decision of 1996).
To all Commonwealth heads of government
From the First People of the Land of Australia, 26 October 1997. The Prime Minister Mr Howard is not looking after the Interests of Australia. He is looking after the Interests of a small group of Rich and Powerful People: His 10 Point Wik Plan to change the Native Title Act, greenhouse gases; uranium, and reconciliation and the Olympic Games.
Statement to all Commonwealth heads of government
From the Nyungah Circle of Elders, 26 October 1997. Re. John Howard looking after the interests of the rich and powerful rather than Australia: 10 Point Wik Plan to change the Native Title Act, greenhouse gases and uranium, Olympic Games of 2000.
Aborigine Land Claims Under Fire
From the Associated Press, 20 December 1997. History of the attack on Aboriginal land rights.
Australia facing new Apartheid, aborigine says
Agence France-Presse, 30 December 1997. Land rights legislation in favor of wealthy landowners.
Aboriginal misery is shame of Australia, says Farrakhan
By Nadia Jamal, in the Sydney Morning Herald, 16 February 1998. On his visit, Minister Farrakhan compares Aborigines to Native Americans and accuses the government of hypocrisy.
Aborigines Win Land Back
By Doug Cooper, Militant, 5 October 1998. In the culmination of a 15-year fight, more than 500 Aborigines and their supporters from around eastern Australia gathered at newly renamed Mutawintji National Park September 5 for a day of celebration to mark the return of its 76,000 hectares (188,000 acres) to the traditional owners.
Update on Walking the Land - for Our Ancient Right
From: Keepers of Lake Eyre, Adelaide, South Australia, 1 August 2000. We are walking our land, in the company of the old people and the old spirits of the ancient land. We are walking from Lake Eyre to Sydney, to arrive before the Olympic games, carrying the real flame with us, the sacred firestick with our big message of Peace to the World.
Oral intervention to Plenary, 6 September 2001, Durban, South Africa
At the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. The Australian government for the last fifty years failed to implement the Genocide Convention.
The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: A letter from Aboriginal Elders to all people
By Indigenous Solidarity Action Network, 11 September 2001. We have fought against the imposition of British law and the export of capitalism to our country since invasion. We...never ceded our sovereign rights. We have held many rallies and events over the last 29 years and we will continue to do so until this criminal and racist government ceases to operate.