The history of IT, media and telecommunications
in the Commonwealth of Australia

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The history of the media in Australia

Gov't 'Insensitive' to Asia's Religious Tensions
By Kalinga Seneviratne, IPS, 23 June 2000. Howard government privatization of Radio Australia has led to cultural imperialism in Asia by a right wing Christian fundamentalist, Bob Edmiston.

The history of information technology

Internet to lure nurses back to jobs
By Andrea Carson, Workplace Reporter, The Age, 13 March 2000. To create a better working environment for nurses, clinical areas will get an extra 100 computers and Internet kiosks will be set up across the eight-campus network. All nurses will have e-mail accounts and nurses on night duty can sort out pay-roll problems or other matters from the ward computer instead of coming in during office hours.
Scientists Protest IT Outsourcing
By Dermot Browne, Workers Online, 25 August 2000. A growing public campaign to force the Federal Government to reconsider its plans to outsource their information technology (IT) infrastructure and services. Example of loss of control over the IT for oil exploration in Australia to US companies.