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Labor history of Aotearoa - New Zealand

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   History of Aotearoa - New Zealand in general
Working Free? The Origins and Impact of New Zealand's Employment Contracts Act
Announcement of a book by Ellen J. Dannin. 12 June, 1997.
Labor unions protest ammendment of Holidays and Employment Contract Acts
Media statement, 10 December 1997, and speech notes by Maxine Gay, President, NZ Trade Union Federation.
Use of mercenaries to load ships in Australia will bring instant reaction in New Zealand
New Zealand Seafarers Union press release, 12 December 1997.
New Zealand Seafarers Job Fight Faces Port Authorities Lawsuit
LabourNet interview by Greg Dropkin, 20 December 1997. New Zealand Seafarers Union sued for effect of job actions on profits.
New Zealand Workers Protest Proposal To Limit Labor Rights
By Stuart Needham, in the Militant, 22 December 1997.

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