The retrospective history
of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia

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Aboriginal elder determined to return head from UK
ABC News, Sunday 13 July 1997. A mission to retrieve from London the head of Yagan, an Aboriginal warrior. The warrior, Yagan, led Aboriginal opposition to white settlement in Perth, but he was shot and beheaded in 1833. His head was then taken to England as a souvenir and displayed in several museums before it was finally buried in 1964.
First report on Australia From Bro. Komboa
By Brother Komboa, 31 July 1997. An open letter from an African American regarding the Aboriginal Blackfellas of Australia. Contacts between the struggle in Australia and the Black Panther Party in the US.
Farewell Theo Kearing - a Nyungar Warrior
Press Release, Deaths In Custody Watch Commitee (WA), 17 February 1998. Obituary of Mr. Theo Kearing, a Bindjareb Nyungar man. A leader in Indigenous presence in not just Western Australia, but the world with his life focus on the culture of his people through the world renowned Bindjareb Midar dance group.
Well-Known Aboriginal Activist Dies
By Rohan Sullivan, Associated Press, 18 October 2000. Obituary of Charles Perkins, an Aborigine activist described as the Martin Luther King of Australia. Perkins was the first Aborigine to play professional soccer, was an early advocate of reconciliation between black and white Australians, and paved the way for indigenous leaders by head of the Department for Aboriginal Affairs.