The social history
of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia

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Discrimination against Aborigines
From The Guadrian (Socialist Party of Australia), 23 August 1995. Incarceration used to address social ills. High percentage of women and children and high death rate in prison.
A Stolen Generation Cries Out
By Michael Perry, Reuter, 20 May 1997. Racist eugenic policy from 1880s to 1960s to forcibly relocate Aboriginal children away from parents has led to current social ills.
International Action Alert: Solten heads, stolen children, stolen land. Help stop the racist assault on Australia's First Peoples
From LeftLink, 25 May 1997. For more than 200 years, Australian Aborigines have endured the racist and genocidal policies and practices of the British and their descendants. Appeal to the Blair government. Yagan's stolen head.
Women for Wik
By Angela Walker, in Green Left Weekly, 24 August 1997. Aborigine women battle for Land Title rights.
Dysfunctional Society
By Noel Pearson, Workers Online, 18 August 2000. Looks at the plight of Aboriginal people through a prism of class and comes up with a challenging perspective on Aboriginal welfare, law and order and the state of Australian society.
Arborigines fight for their culture and rights: Australia's forgotton dreamtime
By Michele Decoust, Le Monde Diplomatique, 4 November 2000. The massacre of the native population that colonisation brought, the brutal assimilation policies that followed, or the fate of the Aborigines in today's society. Up to the late 1960s, Aboriginal children with white blood in their veins were placed in orphanages, mission stations or with foster families who were supposed to make good little Australians out of them. The slogan in those days was keep Australia white.