The economic history
of the Commonwealth of Australia

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Farewell to the family farm
By Roger Raven, Green Left News, 14 September 1995. The social consequences of economic rationalization.
E.U. to delink human rights from Trade? European Commission denies Australian press report
International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions,ICEM UpDate, 30 April 1997. Re linkeage of human rights in European Commission trade negotiations with Australia.
Low pay, no way! Solving the jobs crisis
By James Vassilopoulos, in Green Left Weekly, 2 August 1997. John Howard on relation of unemployment and minimimum wage policy.
Multinationals have paid little or no tax
Austand extracts from Scott Balson, 16 February 1998.
Australia Privatisation Alert
From Stephen Fiyalko, 17 February 1998. Concern that Drake International will assume responsibility for community services.