The environmental history of Australia

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Howard's policies: Worst attack on the env. in 30 years
Tim Doyle interview with Emma Webb, in Green Left Weekly, 17 October 1997.
Great Barrier Reef Threatened by Garbage, Chemicals - and Bombs
EarthVision Reports, 14 January 1999. Environmentalists in Australia have launched a campaign to get the government to pay more attention to the Great Barrier Reef, which they say is experiencing a slow but certain death.
Union threat to disrupt major projects
By Bill Birnbauer, The Age, Monday 18 December 2000. Building unions have threatened to ban the removal of contaminated soil from major projects because of the way the State Government has handled the establishment of a multi-million dollar hazardous-waste facility in Victoria.
Australia grain group says GM-free 'impossible'
Reuters, 2 March 2001. It would be impossible to provide genetically modified (GM) free grain products with the advent of GM crops. The norm would become non-GM, for products containing contaminants below a particular level, rather than GM-free.