The history of maritime workers Australia

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Australian Congress of Trade Unions backs Maritime Union of Australia against Howard Government
Labor Net Report, 5 September 1997. The ACTU promise of the biggest picket that's ever been seen in this country follows federal government Thatcherite plans to allow troops and non-union workers to break strikes by the Maritime Union of Australia.
Sandline-style mercenaries fly to Dubai for waterfront training
Joint Media Release of the ACTU and Maritime Union of Australia, 3 December 1997. Ex-military personnel are being recruited and trained as mercenaries for work on the waterfront. Part of the group recruied by two former SAS commandos will be trained on the Dubai waterfront.
ITF defies macho posturing by Australian farmers
International Transport Workers' Federation, Press Release 30 January 1998. The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has asked unions to be ready for the third anti-union attack in five months on its affiliate, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA). Threat from Australian farmers to fix the global union.
Wharves at flashpoint with Patrick peace deal under fire
By Judy Hughes, Industrial Correspondent, 9 October 1998. Concerns among Patrick stevedore workers about the peace deal that settled the waterfront dispute. NSW official accuses the company of running the Port Botany terminal in Sydney like a concentration camp. Patrick sidelined the NSW MUA branch and instead dealt directly with the MUA's federal office over differences in interpretation of the agreement which settled the dispute.
Shrinking wharfie union seeks merger to survive
By Brad Norington, Industrial Editor, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 November 2000. The man who led the Maritime Union of Australia during the dramatic waterfront dispute admits his union's survival is in jeopardy. Mr John Coombs, the MUA's national secretary, proposes a merger with the giant left-wing Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union as a way of keeping the MUA afloat.
Reith’s day in court draws nearer: Federal Court dismisses Govt appeal to hide secret waterfront documents
MUA media release 11 November 2000. Court ruling on 2nd anniversary of the Patrick dispute rejects a government application to withhold secret waterfront documents from public scrutiny. The role Peter Reith played behind the scenes of the Dubai training debacle and the waterfront dispute.