The contemporary political history
of the Commonwealth of Australia

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Lenin and the Australian Labor Party
Roger Clarke continues a debate, 10 March 1995. Part of a discussion of the basic character of the ALP Left.
Friends of East Timor (WA) has just concluded a meeting which condemns the security treaty to be signed in Jakarta tomorrow
17 December 1995. Media Release.
Juvenile Aboriginal detention a key human rights concern
From Amnesty International News Service, 20 January 1996.
Oz election: we got slaughtered
By Andrew Casey, 4 March 1996. A labor activist assesses the end of the era of compromise.
Policies brought Labor's election defeat
Editorial in The Guardian, 6 March 1996. Factors which brought about the defeat of the Labor Party Government last weekend: the right-wing policies of the Hawke and Keating leaderships; the success of the Liberal-National Party Coalition leadership in giving the appearance of moving to the middle-ground; an electoral system which produces an unrepresentative result.
Timor not decisive in Australia's UN debacle
22 October 1996. Two press reports on reasons for Australia's failure to gain a seat on the United Nations Security Council.
Australian Hands Off PNG!
Editorial from the Militant, 7 April 1997. Papua New Guinea PM Julius Chan looks to Australia to prop up his increasingly isolated government.
A just republic, not just a republic
From the Committee for a Just Republic, 14 May 1997. Re government's call for a Constittutional Convention for December 1997, to consider the head of state issue, but here a call for a wider reconsideration of the Australian constitution.
Siege at women's prison
From Prison Privatisation Report International, 22 May 1997.
Ratbags in the ranks: Hanson, the Coalition and the Far Right
By Norm Dixon, Green Left Weekly, [30 July 1997]. The election of Pauline Hanson as independent member for the Labor seat of Oxley at the last federal election was unexpected. Hanson was the unremarkable Liberal candidate until her public expression of anti-Aboriginal racism.
One Nation members must be charged
The Deaths In Custody Watch Committee media release, 10 November 1997. Use of right wing tactics by One Nation Party.
Govt confirms soldiers being trained for waterfront
From David Isenberg, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 4 December 1997. Government resorts to training wharfie mercenaries in Dubai to break Maritime Union.
Australian Gov't Tries To Gut Aboriginal Rights
By Bob Aiken and Ron Poulsen, in the Militant, 15 December 1997. John Howard government abridgement of Aborigine Land Title rights. National Farmers Federation and the Australian Labor Party (ALP).
Global labour groups mobilise against Australia's government-backed union-busting plans
From the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, ICFTU OnLine..., 4 February 1998. Big business, led by the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) in league with government to crush Australia's labor movement.
Australia govt sees election plus from waterfront
By Jane Nelson, Reuters, 4 February 1998. John Howard government figures it can gain politically by launching an attack on labor.
Australia's selfhood vanishes in the market
By Kenneth Davidson, in The Age, 5 February 1998. Suggests the republican constitutional movement aiming at Australian sovereignty may in fact facilitate subjection to global market forces.
Australia's reputation sullied by recent union-busting measures
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, ICFTU OnLine, 30 June 1998. Australia's reputation as a country which respects internationally recognised core labour standards has been sullied by the country's recent union-busting measures, which climaxed with crude union-busting attempts on Australia's dock workers.