The Multilaterial Agreement on
Investment (MAI): Australia (1995-1998)

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Press release by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley, 21 January 1998. The mainstream Australian parties have refused to face the issue of MAI. The treacherous nature of the the Australian government's intentions to sign away the future of Australia by selling us out completely.
Stop MAI campaign launched
By Jo Brown, in Green Left Weekly, 23 January 1998. The launch of a campaign against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) was held here on January 15. The MAI, which has been largely hidden from public debate in Australia, is an international treaty which seeks to protect the rights of transnational companies and restrict governments' ability to regulate their behaviour.
Potential of Treaty deserves a hearing
By Senator the Hon Rod Kemp, Assistant Treasurer, Victoria, Liberal Party of Australia, 9 February 1998.
Why we should be concerned about the Multilateral Agreement on Investment
By Matthew Townsend, 18 February 1998. The Director General of the World Trade Organisation, Renato Ruggerio, says that the OECD is "writing the constitution of a single global economy." The confidential negotiations have been underway since May 1995 and attempts are being made to complete the negotiations by April 1998.
Oz Peak Union Council and the MAI
By Ted Murphy, National Tertiary Education Union, 27 February 1998. The resolution of the executive of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), the leading national union council in Australia.
Treaty xenophobia
By Paul Cleary, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 March 1998. Political, business and activist groups are waking up to the realisation that Australia is negotiating a far-ranging international treaty - almost a constitution for the global economy - which they fear could undermine the country's sovereignty.
Speech by Pauline Hanson MP to the Australian Parliament - Grievances debate
9 March 1998. It is scandalous that a Member of the Federal Parliament has to go to such lengths to get specific information on the treaty. I maintain the MAI is being largely negotiated in secret because it is not in the best interests of Australians, and will only benefit the multinationals in their push for a single world economy. Other xenophophic concerns.