The history of women and gender
in the Commonwealth of Australia

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Private Australian Women's Prison
From A-Infos, 6 March 1996. First privatized women's prison outside the U.S. is funded in part by Kentucky Fried Chicken.
. . .and ain't I a woman? Choice or poverty trap?
By Lisa Macdonald, in Green Left Weekly, 28 September 1997. Rising family poverty in Australia linked to poor employment opportunities for women.
Women reclaim the night
Green Left Weekly, 5 November 1997. Annual Reclaim the Night events Australia-wide to protest violence against women. Violence is broader than physical attacks; call for a strong women's movement. The Association of Non-English Speaking Background Women of Australia's Marionelle Hill: non-English speaking women have more difficulty escaping violent domestic situations.
Australia gets tough on sex slave traders: Many young Asian prostitutes are held against their will
BBC News, 5 January 1999. Tough penalties to confront growing trade in sex slaves. Increasing evidence of young Asian women being brought to Australia and forced into sex slavery in Sydney's red light King's Cross district and other state capitals.
Government condemned for pregnant pause
ACTU Media Release, 14 May 2000. ACTU President Sharan Burrow calls on the Howard Government to make good its promise to strengthen laws prohibiting workplace discrimination against expectant mothers.