The history of children and youth in the Commonwealth of Australia

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Child carers jittery as protection laws come into effect
By Geesche Jacobsen, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December 2000. Teachers, police, child carers and health workers face fines for failing to protect children from harm and abuse under new child-protection legislation. The laws will extend the responsibilities for child protection from the Department of Community Services to other government and community agencies.
Girls as young as 12 are swapping sex for drugs, health worker says
Canberra Times [1 July 2001]. Poverty and domestic violence forcing girls as young as 12 into prostitution. Parents using their children to sell drugs, and some children were coming to school affected by drugs. Recommendation that governments allocate more resources to tackle marijuana, alcohol, petrol sniffing and new designer drugs.
Schools told to tackle teen depression
ninemsn [1 July 2001]. A survey of more than 1300 adolescents for depression has recommended a revamp of counselling services at schools (ninemsn is part of Microsoft's empire over culture).
Dangerous work is no place for our kids: Trades Hall calls for ban on children under 15's in worst industries
UN Information Service, in Trades Hall News, [10 March 2002]. The Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) has called for a total ban on the employment of young people under 15 years, in the State's four most dangerous industries: agriculture, transport and storage, construction and manufacturing.