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Chrysler Exchange of Views

Letter in the Handelsblatt, Germany, 25 November 2000

Dear collegues,

you might have a look how the Management of DaimlerChrysler is going to "solve" the so-called "Chrysler-crisis," although the win of the company is enormous.

This time the workers of Chryler in the U.S. have to pay. Years before and now the workers in Germany payed and are still paying.

Lay-offs, worse conditions, less wage etc.. The same in Spain, Brazil or... Everything's done in "co-management" with the workscouncils and the union, in Germany the IG Metall. And always we, as workers have to pay. Be aware what the UAW is going to do. We are still members of the IG Metall, but we are not satisfied with this policy. There has to be resistance and protest against these "co-management" policies, worldwide. It doesn't matter in which country, the management is going to beat us. We should work together and protest and....


Comment by Gregg Shotwell, 28 November 2000

There is an oportunity here for international solidarity among real autoworkers. I don't believe we can rely on the bureaucrats to solve our dilemma. They are part of the business and are wedded to the competitive agenda. The policy of the UAW in the last twenty years is cooperation with job cuts, speed ups, and overloaded jobs for the sake of higher profits. Profit at the expense of workers is unacceptable. We need to unite outside the confines of official union control and take matters into our own hands. I welcome the correspondence from Brother Handelsblatt [Publisher's note: The Handelsblatt is the name of the newspaper]. We should all try to further this conversation with our brothers and sisters internationally. It is the challenge of globalization. The crisis is an opportunity. Brother Handelsblatt's letter gives me hope that together we can demonstrate the truly international solidarity that can win workers, not bureaucrats, a place at the table.

Stay Solid,
Gregg Shotwell

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