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Women Trade Unionists stand for minute's silence for murdered trade union associate

ICFTU Online..., 103/270599/DD, 27 May 1999

Brussels May 27 1999: Delegates at the closing session of the ICFTU 7th World Women's Conference which took place in Rio de Janeiro last week, stood for one minute's silence to show their condemnation of the murder of Italian Massimo D' Antona.

Nancy Riche, who was chairing the final Conference session asked delegates to stand to mark their sorrow and outrage at the death of Massimo D'Antona, adviser at the Ministry of Employment, and a close associate of the CGIL, one of the ICFTU's Italian affiliates. Massimo D'Antona, who was a lawyer and an ex-member of the CGIL's Legal Commission was shot dead in public in the middle of Rome in the morning of March 20. He died later in hospital.

The Women's Conference said that it was supporting Italian trade unions which have been protesting against the killing, and has demanded that the Prime Minister Massimo d'Alema take all possible measures to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. The Conference also condemned the killing, on May 20, of Brazilian trade union activist Euclides Silva, of CUT, Brazil, who was murdered in the Brazilian state of Para.

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