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Conference of women trade union leaders, Rio di Janeiro, 18-21 May 1999

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   The world history of women in labor

Women trade leaders to attend world women's meeting in Brazil
ICFTU OnLine..., 7 May 1999. The world's largest-ever gathering of women trade union leaders is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in just over a week's time. Over 320 female world trade union leaders are attending the ICFTU 7th World Women's Conference which runs from May 18 to 21. The Conference is being organised by the ICFTU, of which one third of its membership of 124 million members, are women.
Nobel Prize Winner opens Women Workers Conference with call for World Unity among women
ICFTU OnLine..., 18 May 1999. Rigoberta Menchu, Guatemalan Nobel prize winner, and world-famous campaigner for the rights of indigenous people opened the ICFTU 7th World Women's Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a call for a common agenda for women to fight globalisation, and to bring about peace and democracy.
Women Trade Unionists stand for minute's silence for murdered trade union associate
ICFTU Online..., 27 May 1999. Delegates at the closing session of the ICFTU 7th World Women's Conference which took place in Rio de Janeiro last week, stood for one minute's silence to show their condemnation of the murder of Italian Massimo D' Antona.
Working Women's Conference ends with call to reach out to `a-typical Workers'
ICFTU Online..., 27 May 1999. The ICFTU Conference for trade union women finished last week with a call to rethink organising tactics to reach `new workers' created by globalization.