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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 16:14:10 -1000
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Subject: Online Conference on Organized Labour in the 21st Century (fwd)

Online Conference on Organized Labour in the 21st Century

Announcement, 28 August 1999

Juan Somavia and Bill Jordan to open online Conference on Organized Labour in the 21st Century

Juan Somavia, the Director General of the ILO, and Bill Jordan, General Secretary of the ICFTU, will launch a debate in an online Conference "Organized Labour in the 21st Century". The Conference will be run by the International Institute for Labour Studies, of the ILO, in cooperation with the ICFTU, and will begin in mid September 1999.

Participation in the Conference, which is aimed at trade unionists and labour researchers, will be open, and those who have signed up in time for the opening (before mid-September) will have a chance to react and put questions to the keynote speakers by e-mail, or over the web.

Anyone wanting to participate can learn more by going to the Institute's website, where it is possible to sign up from today to participate in the Conference:


(Background documents are also available from this web address.)

The Conference focuses on the future of trade unions around the world, and is expected to run for approximately twelve months. Guest speakers will be invited to act as "panelists" every month. Each month, a new topic (with new "speakers") will be launched. The topics will be announced about a week in advance and are likely to include:

  • Employment and development
  • The law and trade unions
  • Responses to globalization (trade, investment, labour standards)
  • Unions and structural adjustment
  • Transnational industrial relations
  • Collective bargaining and social dialogue
  • Informal sector and marginalised workers
  • Social protection
  • Recruitment and organizing
  • Political strategy (party politics, alliances with NGOs, etc.)
  • Women in unions
  • Youth in unions
  • Union structures and services (membership participation, mergers, finances, etc.)

If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, but would like to participate, send an empty e-mail message to this address, and you will be subscribed automatically:



Please contact:
Mr A.V. Jose