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   The history in general of the world's working class

'The world is our picket line' - Internet solidarity
By Jagdish Parikh and PK Murphy, People's Weekly World, 29 March 1997. Korean workers general strike represents a breakthrough in reaching supporters abroad and opens up new possibilities for the labor movement in Asia, indeed, for labor worldwide.
Eric Lee's The Labour Movement and the Internet, The New Internationalism
A book review by Heiko Khoo for WNR, 17 April 1997. Investigates the most important question for the world Labour movement, the globalisation of capital. It shows the need for international information networks serving the Labour movement.
Labour Webmasters' Forum launched
From Eric Lee, 16 September 1997. The Labour Webmasters' Forum, the first web-based discussion group for trade union webmasters. The place for trade unionists from all over the world to meet and talk about the new technology.
From Internet to "International" The Role of the Global Computer Communications Network in the Revival of Working Class Internationalism
By Eric Lee, on LabourStart website. A paper presented at the "Marxism on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century" Conference, 18-21 March 1999, Elgersburg, Germany. Argues that the Internet is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the revival of labour internationalism in the twenty-first century and with it, the revival of socialism.
Online Conference on Organized Labour in the 21st Century
Announcement, 28 August 1999. Announcment of a path-breaking on-line conference sponsored jointly by the ILO and the ICFTU.
E-mail for Organizing
By Harry Kelber, LaborTalk, 29 August 1999. New ways of using e-mail in organizing campaigns. NLRB rulings on e-mail cases will be eagerly awaited by both employers and unions, and there probably will be numerous appeals by dissatisfied parties.
How the Internet is Changing Unions
By Eric Lee, 10 June 2000. Reprint of an article in Working USA. Now that the net has become a mass medium, it's time to look at how it has changed trade unions. The role played by the Internet in reviving and strengthening the labour movement (36 Kb).
Unions get connected
By Chris Davison, The Standard, 7 November 2000. The Internet - acme of the new economy - is doing more to revive labour internationalism than any number of leaflets, banners or placards ever could. It is energising trade unions. And for the first time it is giving them the means to coordinate globally in the age of the multinational corporation.