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Abusive language in working-class culture

The original exchange on Labor-L list, 17 December 2000

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From: Jim Jaszewski <grok@SPRINT.CA>
Subject: You're IT
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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:23:57 -0500
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From: Haines Brown <brownh@HARTFORD-HWP.COM>
Subject: Re: You're IT
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I must say, I am offended by the above remark. I know enough of world cultures to know that many people the world over would find mere exposure to such language a personal affront. In my own community here, such a comment is considered to be offensive and associated with obnoxious whites. I know of no one, inside or outside the labor movement, who speaks in such a way, at least normally.

I consider such language to be anti-working class, although perhaps I'm being old fashioned. One used to be able to say that there were working-class behaviors and attitudes that distinguished it from and held it above the bourgeoisie. I hope that is still true (an interesting topic of discussion, by the way).

Haines Brown