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Abusive language in working-class culture

A dialog from Labor-L, December 2000

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   history in general of the world's working-class culture

The original exchange on Labor-L list
17 December 2000. Jim J. used abusive language in reference to a view with which he disagrees, and Haines B. objects.
A set of secondary exchanges
18 December 2000. Two others offer comments, and Haines B. responds to one.
Jim J. and Haines B. engage in debate
19 December 2000. Jim argues that workers without working-class consciousness are an enemy, and Haines disagrees.
Jim J. and Haines B. continue their exchange
22 December 2000. Jim provides an example from Chile to suggest that accomodation [by politicans and church with the military?] can have disastrous results. Haines tries to analyse what determines whether we should draw the line or accomodate.
Haines Brown presumes to take the last word
Haines reflects back on the dialog and tries to link the question of language to that of class struggle and revolution.