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From wftu@login.cz Fri Oct 11 08:00:09 2002
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From: WFTU <wftu@login.cz>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 13:42:31 +0200

WFTU calls for urgent united actions of trade unions and peace forces the world over to stop US-led war of aggression on Iraq

WFTU release no. 27, 11 October 2002

The World Federation of Trade Unions, considering it as a part of the anti-war movements the world over to stop the US war plans against Iraq, strongly protests against the recent resolution of the US Congress authorising President Bush to use force against Iraq. The WFTU reiterates its solidarity with the workers and people of Iraq and their right to live in peace.

Strong opposition to any war against Iraq launched by the United States ignoring the United Nations and its Charter has been loudly expressed by Member Governments in the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council, reflecting the strong sentiments expressed by anti-war demonstrations in all countries of the world.

It has become increasingly clear that the main aim of the proposed US-led war against Iraq is to acquire control over the second largest reserves of oil in the world which are now in Iraq and to hand over these resources to the US-dominated international oil cartel.

As the Washington State Labour Council (AFL-CIO) has stated in a recent resolution, President Bush&s ever-expanding &war on terrorism& has been cynically used to justify a $48 billion hike in next year&s military budget, bringing it to $383 billion, in addition to the $15 billion bailout of the airline industry and $25 billion in tax refunds for corporate America... Congress is forcing union members and other working and poor people to pay for this war drive and subsidize corporate profits by raiding the Social Security Trust Fund and cutting funding for economically distressed states and vital government programs such as subsidies for low income housing and services to the homeless.

The arbitrary sanctions imposed on Iraq for several years have caused the deaths of impoverished people of all ages, who have been the main victims. The high-tech war which is now planned can only result in an immense human catastrophe. It is widely reported that the chief ally of the US in the Middle East, Israel, is planning to further escalate its military attacks on the Arab population in the occupied Palestinian territories and also to widen the conflict by attacking neighbouring Arab countries.

Progressive forces the world over have expressed the grave apprehension that the proposed war on Iraq by the US armed forces will undermine the UN Charter and the whole system of international security established with the founding of the United Nations nearly six decades ago.

The WFTU calls upon the U. N. Security Council to avert the projected war of aggression on Iraq, a member of the United Nations, and take all measures to safeguard the security and safety of the Iraqi people, including the lifting of all blockades and sanctions arbitrarily imposed against Iraq.

The WFTU appeals to trade unions, social and democratic forces, in all countries to condemn the US preparations for aggression on Iraq and protest against the incendiary policies of the US and British governments which threaten peace and security in the region and all over the world. The WFTU appeals to them to act decisively to ensure that principles of the UN Charter are universally upheld, that all inter-state matters are resolved peacefully and through diplomatic means and that all sanctions and blockades, which have caused and continue to inflict immense suffering to civilian population, are lifted immediately.