Political struggle of the world’s working class

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The people begin to take the offensive
Editorial, People’s Tribune, December 1997. There is no denying that we've reached a moment of transition, both in the development of the economic crisis in this country and the world, and in the evolution of the class struggle.
No substitute for class analysis
From Professor Grover Furr, 6 August 1998. The weakness of populist anti-capitalist, even anti-imperialist, struggles that are not based on a class analysis.
Around the world, voters turn left
By Tim Wheeler, People’s Weekly World, 10 October 1998. Working people around the world are rising up and turning right-wing regimes out of office. This shift to the left is fueled by the collapse of capitalism in Asia and Russia. The people are determined to defeat the main danger, the fascist like parties and candidates of the extreme right who seek to throw the burden of the economic crisis on the backs of the working people.
The recording artist ‘Prince’ votes with The People for Napster—and against the record monopolies
Jim W. Jaszewski, 12 August 2000. The ongoing (objective) struggle between the world’s capitalist elite and ‘The People,’ over control of the world’s resources, is manifested in sundry ways—one of the most recent and spectacular being the unfolding crisis in the music recording industry.
WFTU calls for urgent united actions of trade unions and peace forces the world over to stop US-led war of aggression on Iraq
WFTU press release, 11 October 2002. The World Federation of Trade Unions strongly protests the recent resolution of the US Congress authorising President Bush to use force against Iraq. The WFTU reiterates its solidarity with the workers and people of Iraq and their right to live in peace.