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Working-class international
political solidarity

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   The global political action in general of the working class

International working-class institutional solidarity

World Day of Solidarity: First Sunday of May of Every Year
By lob@quanta.com.py, 7 May 2000. Interesting effort to coopt May Day, the international celebration of labor solidarity, by proposing a holiday that falls near to it, also promotes global solidarity, but is in terms of consciousness rather than class, and based on (bourgeois) civic organizations.
Toward a New Internationalism
Monthly Review, July/August 2000. A set of extracts on internationalism. Implies that a supra-national level of struggle has emerged, as the mediating institutions associated with the inter-national order have decayed.

International political action by the working class

New Year Message from the World Federation of Trade Unions
WFTU Press Release, 5 December 1995. A call for a New International Economic Order that eliminates all forms of economic domination and unequal relations.
Burma - de facto exclusion from the ILO
ICFTU OnLine..., 119/990617/LD, 17 June 1999. Myanmar (Burma), where thousands of people are still in forced labour despite universal condemnation, was excluded de facto from ILO. The decision followed joint action by the trade union and employers' organisations within the organisation, an unprecedented move in the annals of this UN agency.
South African Communists Celebrate Moldova Elections
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar) 1 March 2001. Working-class (communist) ideology has always insisted that struggle must take place at the international level
Global Unions take lead in targeting Burmese junta
ICFTU Online..., 2 March 2001. Progress in the international labor boycott of Myanmar for its slave labor policies.