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Conferences of the global working class

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   Political action of the global working class

The capitalist crisis, globalization and response of the labor movement
Press release from the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties, Athens, 21-23 May 1999. 55 Communist and Workers' Parties from 50 countries took part. In the sessions there was a creative exchange of views on the meeting's topics as well as on issues arising from recent developments
Joint ILO-ICFTU OnLine Discussion Group on "Organised Labour in the 21st Century"
ICFTU Online..., 29 July 1999. Juan Somavia, Director General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Bill Jordan, General Secretary of the ICFTU are launching an online debate on "Organised Labour in the 21st Century" on September 15 .
Open World Conference Takes On Free Trade
By Mya Shone and Ed Rosario, Labor Party Press, January 2000. Trade union leaders and activists will gather in San Francisco February 11-14, 2000, for the Open World Conference of Workers in Defense of Trade Union Independence and Democratic Rights (OWC). The conference, which has been endorsed by the Labor Party, along with trade union federations, leaders, and activists in 74 countries, aims to develop strategies to combat corporate-sponsored "free trade" and to preserve workers' hard-won gains.
Fourth International Conference on May Day
Posted originally on H-Labor list and then on Labnet, 5 June 2001. The Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) and the Instituto de Historia de Cuba are pleased to invite researchers, scholars, journalists, trade unionists, information specialists, institutions, and organizations to participate at the Fourth International Scholar Conference on May Day, to be held in La Habana, on April 25, 26 and 27, 2001.