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The Liverpool dockers' strike

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   The struggle in general of the world's dockers

Publisher's note: In hand are several dozen additional articles from the 1997 Liverpool struggle that I will mark up if requested.

Interview with SF Longshoreman
LabourNet interviews Jack Heyman, ILWU, 19 January 1996. Jack Heyman is a docker from San Francisco who visited Liverpool 12-13 January on behalf of the International Longshoremen and Warehousemen's Union to express solidarity with the sacked dockers on strike since 28 September.
West Coast strike stops ports
By Marilyn Bechtel, People's Weekly World, 25 January 1997. West coast ports from Seattle to Los Angeles/Long Beach were shutdown tight as thousands of dock workers joined in a dramatic international demonstration of solidarity with dockers in Liverpool, England, who are fighting against privatization and union-busting.
Crossing Borders: The Rise Of A Global Union Movement
By James B. Parks, Amnerica@Work, April 1997. The West Coast work stoppage on January 20 was part of a week-long series of actions at 105 ports around the world-staged in a global show of solidarity for 500 dock workers in Liverpool, England, who have been out of work for nearly two years.
South African dockers to boycott fruit exports to Sheerness
From LabourNet, 13 August 1997. In a dramatic echo of the international Outspan boycott during the apartheid years, South African dockers plan to halt fruit exports to the UK in solidarity with sacked Liverpool dockers.