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The struggle of the world's dockers

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   The history in general of the world's working class in terms of industry

   Documents for the Liverpool dockers' strike
Dockers gather in Miami for ITF conference
From ITF Info, No 8. 7 June 1997. The two day Conference, to be chaired by ILA President John Bowers, will discuss the impact of privatisation and restructuring on jobs and conditions in the world's ports.
Scab Ship Update
ICEM Update, 26 November 1997. In support of Australian wharfies, Los Angeles and Long Beach area activists, with support of community protesters, succesfully prevented the Columbus Canada, which was loaded with scab cargo, from unloading in LA once again. Patrick Stevedore had fired all its 2,000 wharfies, members of the Maritime Union of Australia, when they refused to cross a mass solidarity picket line of some 1,500 labor and harbor community activists.
U.S.-Japan workers solidarity: Antidote to chauvinist poison
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 4 December 1997. The U.S. government (Clinton) has the nerve to try and tell Japan to crack down on its unions. One result is a 24-hour dockers' strike in Japan and deepening solidarity between U.S. and Japanese workers.
Australian Wharf Lockout -- Update
9 April 1998. Argues that international transport, financial and industrial (ITF&I) companies are of one mind with regard to the treatment of dock and port facilities around the globe and that there should be a concerted strategy to turn them into "factory gates".
Japanese unions call rally in support of Canadian action
International Transport Workers' Federation press release, 23 February 2001. Japanese unions affiliated to the ITF have organised a rally in Japan in solidarity with Canadian dock workers to protest the presence in Hachinoche port of a Malaysian-flagged vessel that uses non-union labour to carry out sampling and testing when docked in Vancouver.