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The history of the world's working class
in terms of industry

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   The world economic struggle of the working class

   The struggle of the world's dockers
   The world's working class in the airline industry
   The world struggle of sex workers
Unions want social control, ILO utilities meeting told
ICEM Update, 13 April 1999. The International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) says that workers in the world's energy and water utilities want to maintain social control over basic public services. Proper regulation and full involvement of unions in any reform processes is needed for a socially balanced outcome.
The GAP Campaign - a campaign for justice for workers in the global garment industry
From Resource Center of the Americas, 10 December 1995. Across the US and Canada a campaign to force major clothing retailers to improve the below-subsistence wages and oppressive conditions of workers who make clothing.
Metalworker union's aim: globalization
By Peter Tirschwell, Journal of Commerce, 28 May 1997. An umbrella union organization representing 20 million metalworkers around the world is meeting in San Francisco to approve a blueprint to confront corporate globalization.