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The world struggle of sex workers

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   The history in general of the world's working class in terms of industry

alt.sex.prostitution FAQ (3/4)
From alt.sex.prostitution user group, 25 August 1997. This section of the newsgroup FAQ lists organizations that support prostitution or prostitutes or are working to decriminalize prostitution.
Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)
Jo Doezema, Report of the General Meeting, Eastbourne, October 1998. The co-ordination of the Network of Sex Workers Project moved to Shane in South Africa. The network has now been incorporated, making it possible to initiate work and projects, whilst maintaining local partnerships.
Legitmating prostitution as sex work: UN Labor Organization (ILO) calls for recognition of the sex industry
Janice Raymond, December 1998. In a controversial 1998 report, the ILO calls for economic recognition of the sex industry, the official recognition of "the sex sector." Recognition includes extending "labor rights and benefits to sex workers," etc. Although the ILO stops short of advocating legalization of prostitution, the economic recognition of the sex sector that it promotes could not occur without legal acceptance of the industry.
Why the international prostitutes collective is supporting global women's strike on 8 March
From Women's Srike, 10 February 2000. The International Prostitutes Collective is a network of women working at various levels of the sex industry, which campaigns for abolition of the prostitution laws and for legal, civil and economic rights for sex workers, including the right to protection from violence, to health care and to form or join trades unions.
Prostitutes call for legal changes in fight against AIDS
SAPA, 12 July 2000. The Network for Sex Workers - a global organisation representing prostitutes - said the fight against Aids would be futile if the world continued to marginalise sex workers. Representatives of the group, speaking at the 13th International Aids Conference in Durban, said they wanted prostitutes to be accorded the same status as other professions.