The contemporary political history of Islam

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Islamism and violence
A dialog from the political-islam list, January 1995. Definition of Islamism. How true is the shariah to Islamic tradition? Distinction of Islam and the shariah with respect to violence. Is Islam a religious movement? The term fundamentalism. Western perspective.
Exiled Islamists
Middle East Security Report, 26 November 1997. Islamist activists based in Europe are likely to face more surveillance and greater restrictions in the wake of mounting criticisms by Arab leaders of the West's reluctance to clampdown on alleged extremist dissidents.
With the ulema in power
By Anwar Syed, Opinion piece in DAWN, and Afghan News, 21 February 2001. In Iran, corrupted by political power, the ulema are on the verge of losing the very worthy station they had traditionally occupied in society. They covet power in several other Muslim countries and, if successful, they may reap the same harvest as their Iranian counterparts.
West's obstinacy responsible for Muslims' alienation
By Hywel Williams and Vali Mahlouji, DAWN, 16 August 2001. Europe and Islam: the very words give the game away. The one is a geographical term, the other religious. Europe, proud of the advance to its own model of the secular, the liberal and the modern, defines itself by opposition - over there is something oriental, eastern and alien.
Saïd Sadi: «L'intégrisme islamiste est une doctrine primaire et totalitaire»
By Younes Hamidouche, La Tribune (Algiers), 18 September 2001. Un entretien publié par le Soir d'Algérie que «l'intégrisme islamiste est une doctrine primaire et totalitaire». Sadi précise que «c'est un peu l'erreur commise les Occidentaux et que continuent de commettre nos dirigeants». «Pour nous, Algériens, le problème réside, d'abord, dans l'indécision des dirigeants.»
Mahathir sees oil as a weapon
Agence France-Presse, 4 October 2002. Muslims should use oil as a weapon, Malaysia's Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, said yesterday. It can be used as a weapon to protect the interest of Muslims and resist their oppression.