The history of the D-8 Group of developing Islamic nations

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Malaysia and Indonesia among the D-8 Group: Islamic ministers meet ahead of Bangladesh summit
The Straits Times, 27 February 1999. Officials of eight Islamic developing countries met in Dhaka to finalise the agenda and draft declaration of a two-day summit of leaders beginning on Monday. The meeting was evaluating the progress of economic and technical cooperation as recommended in the first summit of the countries, known as D-8 group, in Istanbul in 1997.
D8 summit due to start in Bangladesh
BBC World Service, Monday 1 March 1999. A summit of leaders from Muslim countries known as the Developing Eight - or D8 - gets underway in Dhaka to discuss trade and economic issues. Pakistan could face protests against atrocities allegedly committed during Bangladesh's war of independence in 1971.
Muslim leaders urge economic reform
BBC News, 2 March 1999. The D-8 calls for reform of the international financial system. The global financial crisis highlights the weaknesses in the global economic and financial system. Calls for protection against unchecked globalisation resisted by Turkey. Increasing trade within the D-8 may prove difficult because the members face different problems and some have conflicting economic interests.