The history of the less developed nations

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Poor nations demand fair globalisation: Will Zanzibari fishermen gain from globalisation?
BBC News, 23 July 2001. Officials from the world's 49 poorest countries have started talks in Zanzibar to try to shape any further liberalisation in the World Trade Organisation in their own interests.
World's poorest nations lash out at richest
Agence France Presse, Friday 19 July 2002. Delegates to the 78-nation African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) summit, which normally restricts its agenda to trade and aid issues with the European Union (EU), broke from protocol to address political concerns with the developed world: globalisation, migration, nuclear waste and unilateralism.
No ACP Aid from EU
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 21 July 2002. Delegations from 63 countries met at the Third Afro-Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group Summit on July 17-19 in Fiji, primarily to discuss the Cotonou Accord signed by the European Union (EU) in 2000.